Movin’ on up (and a little bit over).


My life feels fraught with change just now. It seems kind of funny to say so, given the fact that a few months ago I was contemplating a move to New Jersey, where my girlfriend is going to be starting seminary in the fall. That, it seems, is not in the cards just yet. As it turns out, New Jersey is an expensive place to live, and it’s hard enough finding a job here.

At the moment I’m still trying to find a way to make my living writing (writing something–technical manuals, brochures, something….)

Things are pretty good now, though. I’m leaving my current warehouse job, starting in a couple weeks at a new, better warehouse job. It’s not in my field, but it’ll pay the bills better than my current job. I actually did just get my first paid writing gig: a small one, but a job nonetheless. In a couple weeks I’m moving to a new apartment, which will be excellent.

And I am slowly inching my way closer to a job in my field. After today’s interview with a big staffing company, I’d say my prospects are decent to good.

Apologies for last week’s weird, mis-dated, re-posted entry, and for this week’s relatively thin gruel. There are some things in the works that I don’t really feel comfortable broadcasting yet, but stay tuned–updates to follow!


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